Beware those commie bastards

June 4, 2009

Conor Clarke, of the Atlantic Monthly, has recently posted a very interesting pie chart in response to allegations by conservatives that the U.S. is becoming “socialist” :

socialism chart

I guess this means the Star-Spangled Banner will be replaced by L’Internationale any day now…


Apocalypse Pending

February 3, 2008

People who know me will tell you I’m not Ann Coulter‘s biggest fan.

That’s a wee bit of an understatement. I follow U.S. politics pretty closely, and I admit I’m a pretty liberal kind of guy. Still, I consider it a testament to the idiocy of extreme partisan politics that a poor excuse for a pundit known for outbursts of vitriolic garbage can remain in the media spotlight for so long. Although she’s currently a denizen of the Eighth Circle of Hell, the Fox News executives still find it useful to summon her for the odd panel discussion (rumor has it they dress in dark robes, gather in the studio, draw a pentagram on the floor, and chant her name three times ’till she appears in a cloud of fire and brimstone).

You will understand my complete shock upon learning that she would support Hillary Clinton against John McCain in a General election scenario :

Right. That’s it. Can’t ignore the signs any longer. I’m hiding in the nuclear shelter, cuz it’s Tribulation time, baby!