Beijing 2008: You have the right to remain silent

July 10, 2008

Long live the Olympics!

According to the French website Rue89, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is taking steps to drastically curtail the freedom of expression of athletes taking part in the Beijing Olympics. Some participants have been asked to sign legal forms forbidding them from:

  • updating personal websites during the games
  • posting on their personal blogs
  • uploading sound or video captured on and off the field

There are also provisions preventing athletes from divulging information which might jeopardize security or interfere with the unfolding of the games, which I’m guessing is code for “compromising corporate interests” and “embarrassing Chinese authorities by denouncing  their dismal record on Human Rights.”

It’s always nice to be reminded how eagerly the so-called “pro-democracy” Western establishment will collaborate with autocratic regimes if there’s a buck to be made.


Safety Dance meets Globalism

July 9, 2008

This thing’s been on the net for two weeks now. It’s probably been posted on thousands of blogs, and has been viewed by millions. Putting it up here is redundant to say the least (sort of like retyping newspaper headlines from a week ago), but I’m doing it anyway. It’s a simple and wonderful piece of art.

According to the New York Times article , the music was composed by a friend of Mr. Harding (the dancing dude in the video). The voice is that of 17 year-old Palbasha Siddique, signing a poem in Bengali.

Can’t say much more about it, except that it’s really, really neat.