Love and Bullets

by Nick Taylo

Chapter 1

It started like it always did. With a body.

This one was in the river. I could tell she had once been beautiful. But this bullet and a fast current had taken that away from her. All we are, all that we think we are, all that we’re certain about is taken away from us. When you’ve worked the streets and seen what I’ve seen, you become more and more convinced of it everyday.

Caprica City had been my teacher. My Mistress. From the moment I open my eyes, she’s in my blood, like cheap wine, bitter and sweet, tinged with regret.

I’ll never be afraid of her. Nor do I want to be. For she is what I am, all that is and should always be.

-Adama, reading to Roslyn, “The Ties that Bind.”

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