Hockey: the drinking man’s game

Two things you ought to know about me: I like hockey, and I’ve been known to chug down a few pints at McKibbin’s from time to time.

On Tuesdays the Habs usually play at the Bell Center, and McKibbin’s holds this amusing little contest where waitresses stroll around the pub with a deck of large plastic cards right before the game. One of the patrons sitting at each table gets to pick a card; the card has a number on it, representing the jersey number of one of the Canadiens playing that night. The card is then fixed atop this tiny metal stand so as to identify the table; if that player happens to score at any point during the game (aside from shootouts), you and your friends are treated to a free round of shots.

I’ve been to McKibbin’s thrice on Tuesdays this season. On each occasion I picked the card for the table, and each time I ended up with #26, worn by Josh Gorges, a defenseman from British Columbia playing his second season in Montreal.

The odds on drawing the same number on three separate occasions seem a bit long, but I was willing to overlook any alleged irregularity. Problem is, Gorges hasn’t scored in two years, he racked up a whopping five assists this year, and his plus/minus stinks worse than Ryan O’Byrne’s purse-snatching skills.

I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll draw “lucky” number 26 tonight. So. Gorges. Buddy. If you’re reading this, how’s about you hustle yer ass off against Atlanta so I can get smashed on Tequila? Cool?

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